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Stratum server crashed hard, and I'm too lazy to bring it back up. So mining has now stopped. I'll fix payouts and crons, so you will be able to withdraw your coins in a few days.

Pool is closing end of April. If you have any coins anywhere, please setup an auto payout / request manual payout. Some pools have forked, so we might have lost some coins. Some pools are just stuck, those I will fix before I close everything down.

Thank You for mining with us. And I'm deeply sorry I let you down. My life just got too busy a while ago :(

I might end up handing over all the software to a friend of mine, who might start the pool again, so watch this space! :)

Happy mining,

Leaf has forked, I forgot to update the wallet. I'll get the pool fixed very soon

Welcome!, posted Jan 28, 2014 at 13:07 by admin

This is going to be a fast pool for LeafCoin, I promise! It's also actively monitored so downtime should not happen and they should be brief :)

0% pool fee

  • stratum
  • vardiff
  • fast payments
  • Nice administrator
  • 10 second cron loop (payments and stats are fast)

stratum+tcp://pool-eu.hash.so:3363/ (but pools switcher is much much nicer, try it and love it!)

If you have questions, feedback or anything you can email us at support@hash.so or use the "Support" link in the menu.