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Pool is closing end of April. If you have any coins anywhere, please setup an auto payout / request manual payout. Some pools have forked, so we might have lost some coins. Some pools are just stuck, those I will fix before I close everything down.

Thank You for mining with us. And I'm deeply sorry I let you down. My life just got too busy a while ago :(

I might end up handing over all the software to a friend of mine, who might start the pool again, so watch this space! :)

Happy mining,

Leaf has forked, I forgot to update the wallet. I'll get the pool fixed very soon

Welcome!, posted Jan 28, 2014 at 13:07 by admin

This is going to be a fast pool for LeafCoin, I promise! It's also actively monitored so downtime should not happen and they should be brief :)

0% pool fee

  • stratum
  • vardiff
  • fast payments
  • Nice administrator
  • 10 second cron loop (payments and stats are fast)

stratum+tcp://pool-eu.hash.so:3363/ (but pools switcher is much much nicer, try it and love it!)

If you have questions, feedback or anything you can email us at support@hash.so or use the "Support" link in the menu.